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5 Key Holiday Cabin Design Tips

Tasbuilt Commercial have over 15 years experience designing and constructing holiday cabins around Tasmania. We've gathered some insider tips to share with you, that we've learnt along the way...

1. Location

The location of your cabins and their surrounding landscape should dictate their design aesthetic. The best cabins are those whose exteriors blend seamlessly into their surrounding environment, and whose interiors pick up on colours/textures from the nature outside.

2. Light & Neutral Colours

Holiday cabins are generally small in size, therefore you should keep to a light, neutral colour palette to make the interior feel spacious and bright. Lighter neutral tones, like whites, greys, taupes, beiges and creams, also create a calming and relaxing ambience... the exact feeling guests want to experience when on vacation!

3. Cosy Interiors

If your cabins are set in the wilderness of Tasmania, make sure you include a fireplace for the colder months. Also, add soft decor furnishings like plush cushions, soft throws, and fluffy faux fur rugs to really dial up the cosy factor for maximum guest comfort.

4. Outdoor Spaces

Make use of outdoor spaces, whether it's a coastal cabin on the Tasman Peninsula or a wilderness retreat at Cradle Mountain. A deck/patio space, with a covered area for shade and screening for privacy, will create a tranquil atmosphere for guests that is protected from the elements.

5. Simple Décor

Don’t overcrowd or clutter your holiday cabins, keep the décor simple! Choose furniture that isn't bold and overbearing, or that doesn't intrude on walkways or communal areas. Choose classic statement furniture pieces, in neutral tones or textures (e.g. timber finishes). Introduce pops of colour minimally with decorative accessories or artwork.

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