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Tasbuilt Commercial – 5 Unique Holiday Cabin Design Tips

Tasbuilt Commercial, a leading modular builder have had over 15 years of experience in designing and constructing the ultimate holiday cabin! We hope you enjoy some of our design tips….


Location is key. Either a coastal town with breath taking views, or a place in the bush, some inner city boutique holiday apartments, some rustic cabins in a rural setting - Tasmania has it all.

Keep it cool

A small coastal cabin with light décor is the epitome of seaside chic. Light colours create a great setting for your coastal modular cabin. Hues of blue and grey add to the seaside feel of a beautiful Tasmanian retreat.

Outdoor space

Make use of outdoor space whether it is a coastal cabin on the Tasman Peninsula or a wilderness retreat at Cradle Mountain. A deck or patio area with a garden will create a setting for holiday haven.


If your cabin is set in the wilderness of Tasmania, make sure you include a fireplace for the colder months. Add a throw and a few cushions to your couches to create an atmosphere of warmth, think plush faux fur floor rugs…. Imagine looking out at a snowy Tasmanian landscape, sipping hot chocolate in the comfort of a cosy holiday chalet...!!


Don’t clutter your holiday cabin and keep the décor to a selection of calming hues.

Choose furniture that is not bold and intruding but rather calmer hues such as neutral whites and creams. Straight lines with small pops of colour work well with art and statement pieces. Make your cabin a haven that everyone wants to experience!!

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