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Tasbuilt’s Customised Modular Offices Can Boost Your Productivity

Is your office bursting at the seams? A modular office by Tasbuilt Commercial could be the answer you are looking for!

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Here are 5 benefits Tasbuilt Commercial can offer your company

Minimise disruption to your current operations

By building offsite, Tasbuilt can eliminate the disruptions to your current operations throughout the building process. This means you can continue with business as usual for as long as possible, rather than relocating to other temporary facilities, or making your team work through the frustration of dust, debris and noise that comes with a conventional building project.

Energise your staff

Tasbuilt’s experienced design team will work with you to create a dynamic customised office space that fits with your teams culture and branding. A well thought out workspace can reap huge results in terms of staff morale and productivity.

Reorganise for success

Expanding your office space gives you an opportunity to reconfigure your workspace to suit your current workflows and team methodology. Tasbuilt can assist with providing guidance on lean office layouts to ensure your staff can work effectively and efficiently and reducing the time required for walking between different locations, and still providing break out spaces and social areas for the times when your staff need to unwind a little. A Tasbuilt modular office can incorporate meeting rooms, studios, open or private office spaces, lunch rooms and amenities.

Complete project management

Tasbuilt’s experienced team take care of the entire project from design and council application, through to completion, all under a fixed price contract. This frees you up to focus on the daily operations of your organisation, knowing your project is in safe hands with us.

Flexibility for the future

Being prebuilt off site means your Tasbuilt modular office can be easily added to in the future, or relocated to an alternative site as your business requirements change over time.

Contact Tasbuilt Commercial today to discuss your requirements and start the process of custom designing a solution to suit you and your team!


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