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The Benefits of Modular for Multi-Unit Projects

Tasmania’s economy is in a good place at the moment, and with all the developments currently on the cards, its going to a great place in the very near future!


With savvy investors flocking to Tasmania, and looking for maximum investment opportunities, modular multi-unit developments are rising in prominence. The modular methodology makes for cost-effective developments, rapid build times, minimum site disruption and better quality control.

Let the team at Tasbuilt Commercial explain some of the key benefits in modular:

  • Costs can be lowered, due to factory construction meaning weather conditions aren’t a factor, and we all know this can have massive impact for an ‘on-site’ build during Tasmania’s winter! Predictable inputs and a stable workforce are also a contributor to cost effectiveness in modular building.
  • Modular can save you time…. A highly organised & clean offsite facility means that weather and site variables are not a factor. Likewise, a stable workforce with set conditions and hours allows an even greater control over a project’s program.
  • Keeping your project with a streamlined, highly organised and efficient modular company, rather than trying to co-ordinate different trades and builders is an obvious win-win situation. In the event of rolling out your multi-unit developments in stages, the benefits of utilising the same team for each stage has massive advantages, as this will translate to a more co-hensive build as the team works to refine their processes, less room for error, resulting in quality workmanship and a development you will be proud of for years to come.

Tasbuilt Commercial, Tasmania’s leading modular building specialist, are ready to help you start your journey and will handle your entire project from start to finish, highlighting their mantra at every stage – customised, streamlined and professional.



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