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3 hardwearing floor covering options for your new office

Office flooring must be durable, robust and aesthetically pleasing… check our four three favourite choices!

Tasbuilt Commercial works with Tasmanian businesses to design and build state of the art prefab office buildings. Our office buildings are made to stand the test of time in the hardworking and robust environment of the workplace.

The one surface above all others that is subject to the most wear and tear over the years is the flooring. These are three of the most hard wearing floor covering options we have used over the years:-

Carpet tiles

While carpet is more subject to wear than other hard floor options, commercial grade carpet tiles are a robust and aesthetically pleasing floor covering in most office environments. Using carpet tiles means you can replace selected tiles over time if damage is to occur. Carpet tiles also allow you to select feature colours or patterns within your flooring to create striking visuals and also to delineate different zones within the room.

Vinyl planks

An inexpensive and hard wearing product, vinyl planks are a great low maintenance substitute for genuine timber flooring. Like carpet tiles, individual planks can be replaced if needed, saving you the expense of completely recovering your floors. Vinyl is also a softer material than genuine timber, reducing the sound reverberations in an office environment, and providing a more comfortable surface to walk on.

Coved sheet vinyl

Commercial grade sheet vinyl, complete with coving at the wall junctions, provides an extremely low maintenance and durable flooring option. While the coved finish is dearer than other finishes, it reduces your cleaning requirements significantly, protecting the health of your team and saving you big dollars on your cleaning bill. Sheet vinyl comes in a range of colour and finish options, including anti slip finishes for wet areas.

Tasbuilt will work with you to analyse the requirements of your new office area and recommend the most suitable flooring for you and your team. Working with an experienced team like Tasbuilt Commercial can save you expensive refurbishments in the future..


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