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3 reasons to consider Tasbuilt Commercial for a new portable building in Hobart.

A unique building experience!

  • At Tasbuilt we provide our clients with a unique building experience where our skilled team looks after the entire project from start to finish! From helping you design the perfect plan suited to your requirements, lodging council applications and connecting to onsite services – all under a fixed price contract. No doubt you will be able to focus on the daily operations of your organisation, knowing your project is in safe hands with us.
  • By building offsite, Tasbuilt can eliminate the disruptions to your current operations throughout the building process. This means you can continue with business as usual for as long as possible, rather than relocating to other temporary facilities, or making your team work through the frustration of dust, debris and noise that comes with a conventional building project. Choosing to go modular also provides you with the flexibility for future development, either to add to or relocate to an alternative site as your business requirements change over time.
  • Many benefits of modular construction evolve from the fact they are built in a controlled working environment. This controlled environment streamlines the quality process, reduces waste and allows completion within a fraction of the time compared to a conventional build. The quality of a conventional build can be heavily dependent upon the varying skill levels and schedules of independent contractors, whereas Tasbuilts controlled offsite environment sees highly skilled employees following our well refined processes and standards daily. The focus on quality and efficiency in production also makes costs more predictable providing the advantage of budget certainty.
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Prefabricateed commercial building with grey cladding


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