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3 things to know about building a temporary office block in Tasmania

Wanting a temporary office, but not sure what’s involved? ..we’ve answered those questions here!

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Council approval

All new buildings in Tasmania require council approval. The type of application process depends on how temporary the nature of your relocatable building is going to be. Tasbuilt can assist with all stages of the design and council application process.

Access for disabled persons

Almost all new commercial building in Tasmania are required to provide suitable access and amenity for disabled persons. This means providing a ramped access to the main entry, suitable width doorways throughout, and if your building includes bathroom facilities amenities for disabled also need to be included.

Plan for the future

Extending your building can be a lot more expensive than building in the first place, so consider your future needs in your design. Prebuilt office buildings also offer the benefit of being able to relocate the building as your business needs change over time.

Tasbuilt Commercial provide custom designed, modular office buildings for farms, orchards, vineyards, processing plants and industrial manufacturing sites across Tasmania, providing a streamlined solution to fluctuating workforces throughout these industries. By offering a complete package from design and council approval through to installation and commissioning, Tasbuilt ensures you minimal disruption and maximum productivity for your team.

Some of our previous clients include Webster Walnut Farm, Costa Logistics, Highland Haulage, Musketts Transport, SmartFibre Bell Bay, Tasmanian Alkaloids, Ridleys Agriculture, Botanical Resources Australia, the Tasmanian Government and many more.

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