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4 Popular Layouts for Modular Offices

Tasbuilt share their thoughts on the best of the best when it comes to modular office design..

Modular offices are certainly the way of the future, less disruptive to the current working setting than an ‘onsite’ build, better for the environment, a hassle-free option so CEO’s can focus on their businesses and leave the building to a team of professionals offsite…. Tasbuilt share their expertise on the best layouts to make your next office build a breeze!

Open Plan Layout

Offices using an open plan layout will tend to have higher noise pollution, but a more cohesive and communicative office environment. One positive attribute using this method is the openness of peers being able to see each other working, not secluded in cubicles – this enhances a sense of teamwork and the need for clear lines of collaboration. The situating of desks is very important in this sort of office – whether it be a circular format or sections arranged in a horizontal line structure its important this is set out for maximum office efficiency.

Traditional Closed Office Layout

It’s unlikely you will find a CEO working in a cubicle and at a desk I an open plan office….this would be very unusual. Other than in exceptional cases, its essential for any office to have some private space. A traditional closed office space if not using actual physical rooms, will use heavily portioned space with a clear hierarchical space. There may be open plan, modular or cluster formations but there will be a clearly designated section for senior management within the closed office space.

Cluster Workstation Layout

The main principle of a cluster approach is to focus employee workstations around a central core. This can be achieved by distributing dividers from a hub, and arranging them in a pattern similar to the spokes in a wheel. Employee work areas can then be equipped with all of the typical features that they require including desk, storage, and filing space. Generally speaking, a cluster layout is not as elaborate as a modular, or open space format. This type of system is most effective in an office where employees spend at least some of their working day away from their designated working area. The advantage of the cluster layout is the economy of space provided and the ease with which the layout can be changed.

Modular Workstation Layout

With the modular plan a variety of furnishings and panels can be used to divide space into individual work areas. Storage units will be deployed next to desks or tables to section off areas. A modular office design allows employees to have a fully functioning space in terms of desks, storage, and area lighting. This style of office can be tailored to suit the specific duties of the occupants. In some situations, this modular approach provides a more functional system than an open space style concept. It is particularly compatible in an office that has considerable storage requirements. In addition to being modelled around the needs of the user this style of office layout can be changed quickly and easily if required.


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