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5 Ways to Keep Your Team Productive While Working from Home!

Tasbuilt Commercial share their top tips for best results when working from home...

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Like most other workforces, Tasbuilt Homes currently has a number of staff working from home. Read on for a few tips we have found to be key in keeping the Team proactive while working from Home!

Suitable Workspace

Ensuring staff have adequate space and equipment to function proactively at home is key to them remaining proactive. Encourage them to dedicate a workspace in which they will be least distracted with good desk space, sufficient lighting and a comfy chair. Also make sure staff working from home have the required equipment and tech to complete their daily tasks and to keep them in the loop!

Connection point for Staff to join

When Tasbuilt purchased a big screen for our office we never realised just how handy it would become! In this current crisis it allows our staff working from home to zoom in every morning and greet the team just as they would in the office. Throughout the day staff in the office can go up to the screen and ask questions etc, while the staff zooming in also have visual of the main office and can hear and experience the daily hum of the office!

Encourage regular routine

Having a clear guideline for when to work and when to call it a day will help staff working remotely to maintain work-life balance. At Tasbuilt our staff working remotely are encouraged to zoom in each morning at their regular work hours and remain on the call unless they are required to go somewhere. Knocking off for their regular morning tea and lunch breaks is also important to help clear the brain and allow for some fresh air!

Dress for success

Working from home would certainly bring on the temptation of working in our pyjamas or track pants! However, studies show when we dress casually, we tend to act more casual. Therefore, encouraging your staff to dress appropriately for their role will help them to focus and mentally feel better. They will also be more comfortable when zooming in for the daily meetings etc.

One on one meetings

One on one meetings between managers and team members is crucial in building team loyalty and trust. There is no time more important to build loyalty and trust then in a time of uncertainty. For staff working from home a one on one meeting can be as simple as phone call or a video chat. Within the meeting staff have the chance to relay their progress and receive clear direction for upcoming priorities! Most importantly they can convey any challenges they may be experiencing, which can then be addressed accordingly.


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