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A Quick Update on Workplace Seating

Let’s face it – we all sit for way too long if we’ve got an office job… something we really need to do something about – but how many of us decide we’ll get that ‘stand-up desk’ tomorrow?? … so until you realise that ‘sitting is the new smoking’ here is a few points on making your day at least comfortable while seated!!

Office Seating

Use comfortable office seating so that it wont even feel like you’re working.
Be it a mesh back, vinyl or leather chair it still looks professional in any office environment, whilst the contours and fully adjustable settings allow comfort throughout the day.

Boardroom Seating

Revitalise your boardroom and turn it into a place of creativity and inspiration. Boardroom design and seating is one of the key parts to a successful office; black imposing boardroom chairs, and solid tables lend to a room designed for weighty decisions.

Lunchroom Seating

Make the lunchroom a place your employees will enjoy. Create a positive mealtime experience with elements such as greenery, artwork and modern and comfortable seating that is easy to clean. A lunchroom can become a place to relax or re-energise.

And Seating With A Difference!...

There are other seating options out there, too… ergonomic balance balls, hanging seating baskets, bean bags – create different zones with different seating options – the days of coming to work and sitting in the same seat all day are so yesterday!!

Be creative, make work a space where your employees love to hang out … and sit around!!


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