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Advice from the Experts – Efficiency is King!

Need a commercial solution in a hurry – Tasbuilt Commercial can be the answer!

Large school room with cladding in tasmania

With the many advantages of modular construction, you no longer need to wait months & months for a new building.

If you need to build quickly, read on to learn how you can benefit from the efficiency of modular construction.

According to the building pros, modular construction is a great way to increase efficiency. Because the building modules are already made, installation is fast and easy.

If you need a new structure in a hurry, modular construction is the way to go. It’s also useful in sustainable building design, as the modules can be movable and reusable in other locations.

Traditional construction can take much longer, obviously in traditional construction there are things to factor in like the elements, co-ordinating subbies, keep a site tidy and secure..

But here at Tasbuilt Commercial our modules are constructed in a factory, in a streamlined manner and a clean environment.

Modular design is often used in construction or on building sites. When a new home development is being built, you’ll need a temporary office for sales, contractors, and real estate agents.

There’s no need to build a permanent structure since it will only be needed for a finite amount of time, so why not bring in a modular structure?

You can design the perfect sized office space and keep all of your staff warm and indoors, out of the elements.

Modular is definitely the way of the future – give Tasbuilt Commercial a call, and start the process today – we can’t wait to work with you!


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