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Celebrating Employee Anniversaries

Let your staff know you appreciate them - it will do wonders for your bottom line!

Photo by Toa Heftiba

Celebrating an employee’s work anniversary or personal milestone (birthday etc) is a simple gesture and one that is easily overlooked …

Showing an employee you are aware of their work anniversary shows you appreciate their contribution to your company, making them feel valued and worthwhile.

The simple gesture of a birthday cake presented at morning huddle, and getting the team to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ is a tradition Tasbuilt Commercial have been doing for years now, and it never disappoints – brining a smile to the faces of the entire team – who doesn’t love an excuse for a piece of birthday cake, and a reason to sing in your craziest ‘Happy Birthday’ voice? 😊

Some other ideas for a quick ‘thank-you’ to your staff that will reap dividends for you are –

  • Give a gift voucher
  • Organise a team celebration
  • Anniversary desk explosion
  • Give notes of appreciation
  • Arrange a paid day off
  • Employee highlight
  • An anniversary card
  • Give a trophy or a pin
  • Create a magazine or EDM announcing achievements
  • Arrange a work anniversary cake
  • Announce their accomplishments

When team members see that their work is having a direct impact on the success of a company, it motivates them to contribute their best work. Celebrating workplace milestones shows employees that, not only are they a valued and honoured member of the team, but they are also contributing meaningful work to their organization and its purpose.

For those not being recognized, sharing in the success of their teammates and seeing that hard work does not go unnoticed can help further your culture of appreciation and motivate the entire team.

Plus, if you tie that individual’s achievements to the values and purpose of your organization, it can be a great opportunity for you to further embed your core values and make sure your mission is clear to the rest of the team. This helps create a unified team that will stand firmly in their resolve to move the company forward.


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