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Build the perfect ‘work from home’ backyard studio

Shut the door on your distractions!

Large commercial office space with doubel glazed windows

With working from home becoming a new normal across the globe, home offices are taking on a whole new meaning for many of us. And now experts are telling us the working from home phenomenon could be around for a lot longer than we think, as people realise the advantages of remote working technology. But working from home comes with its challenges, not in the least the distractions of the surrounding household.

The solution? A prebuilt, or modular backyard studio. Tasbuilt Commercial design and build customised modular buildings, so you can match the style and finishes to your existing home, and create a layout that suits your working habits perfectly. Wiring for power and data will be installed to ensure you can work as efficiently and effectively as though you were in the workplace. You can even include a bathroom, kitchenette, or multiple office spaces if you have a number of family members working from home.

All Tasbuilt Commercial buildings are constructed complete with extensive insulation, double glazing, and reverse cycle air conditioning, so the early starts on crisp Tasmanian mornings are no hardship at all.

Most modular buildings do still require a council permit. Tasbuilt Commercial take care of this process under our fixed price contract.

And if you decide working from home is no longer for you? Or better still you retire? The modular unit can easily become a backyard accommodation pod for some passive income, or extra space for your family, or you can relocate it to another location altogether.


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