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Council approval process for new commercial buildings in Tasmania

Whether it’s a new commercial build, addition or alteration, when building in Tasmania the council process is generally the same. Read on to find out how Tasbuilt Commercial make the process so simple!

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Expanding your commercial facilities is an exciting and rewarding period for your business. Extra space means you can operate more efficiently, employ new staff, store more stock, or service more customers. Once you have completed your designs, sorted your budget, and got your team on board, its time to take the next big step.

There is one more critical step before your project can get underway. In almost all cases, you will need to seek council approval for the extension of your commercial facilities. At Tasbuilt Commercial, we include the handling of the council approval process in our fixed price proposal for your new buildings.

The council approval process will include the following steps:

  • Completion of detailed drawings, including all the details that council require to process the approvals. This will include ground levels, layout and elevations of the buildings, plumbing and electrical diagrams and other relevant information
  • A soil test, confirming the type of footings that will be required to support the building based on the ground conditions of your site
  • An energy report, to determine that the proposed design meets the requirements for energy efficient design
  • Engineering drawings, outlining the structural details required for the design, such as critical load bearing columns and beams
  • A bushfire report may be required, depending on what your building will be used for, and the proximity to surrounding bushfire threat (vegetation)
  • A waste water report may be required, if there is not a reticulated sewer connection available on your property
  • A certificate of likely compliance from a building surveyor, who reviews all the documentation to ensure it meets the relevant building codes, and complies with requirements for disabled access, car parking provisions
  • Finally, all the above are lodged with council for them to review and approve. Council approval takes part in two stages, firstly planning approval, and then building approval

Sounds technical? It can be. That’s why at Tasbuilt, we work with business owners and managers who are frustrated with the idea of managing this process themselves. Our experienced team can cover off every aspect from design right through to building approvals, as well as of course the construction and installation of your modular buildings


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