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Create an office foyer to impress

Client interaction is an integral part of the customer journey, including hosting meetings at your offices, and the subsequent waiting periods.

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A well thought out and designed foyer area can pay dividends, creating a positive impression from the moment people walk in the door..

A foyer that’s bright, positive, interesting and tidy will create a sense of calm while your clients wait for you . Think about calming colours, interesting prints, comfortable seating, a kids play corner - the possibilities are endless.

If a potential employee or buyer enters your building for a meeting to outdated, mismatched furnishings or poorly placed items, they will automatically believe that your business operates that way. The same care and thought you place on presentations or business processes should be given to your foyer space.

No matter what a business is trying to convey or which design language they portray, the office foyer will set the stage for what to expect. It is important to select the correct design language and use specific design cues as a guide.

The office foyer is the first—and sometimes last—impression a company can make on a client, employee or vendor, and acts as both a measuring stick for that company’s professionalism and quality, as well as a barometer for their atmosphere, culture, and goals.

It’s crucial to design according to the values and goals of the company. After all, you only get one shot at a first impression so make it GREAT!

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