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Living Walls – Bringing the outdoors into the workspace

The best place to be is outdoors – but when you’re stuck on the 9-5 office treadmill, bring it indoors…

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We spend on average 87% of our lives in buildings – we work inside, we eat inside, we sleep inside… deprived of sunlight, fresh air and a connection to nature… but a recent office decor phenomenon is making a healthy change to this.

Enter ‘Living Walls’ - essentially a wall covered with greenery growing in soil – often called green walls or vertical gardens – these have amazing good qualities in so many ways!!

Employees exposed to plant life in their office space are 15% more creative, 6% more productive and 15% report a higher level of well-being…. They also reduce depression and anxiety.

For years offices have been sleek, modern, minimalistic – almost sterile looking. A living wall adds warmth and colour to this starkness and help with air purification.

There is also the positivity of nurture vs. nature – caring for something that growing also has major benefits – especially psychologically.

There is much to consider before taking this step towards office harmony and greenness - do you want something long term, that the installer will also care for by doing routine maintenance, or is your team up to the challenge of caring for your ‘living wall’?... moss walls are becoming popular as they look fantastic but are maintenance free. Some corporates are now taking natural or ‘living’ elements to their trade show exhibits – some using plant walls that can be enjoyed, then pack them away for a year and bring them out lush and vibrant for a new campaign.

Lastly, these structures are living – don’t overwater them – as tantalising as it might be to constantly tend your living, breathing piece of the outdoors – it needs space and peace and quiet too!


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