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The Advantage of Modular Construction in a ‘Post-Covid-19’ World

Modular construction has many benefits, and could well be the way of construction globally in a changing world.

Modular acconmodation unit at Pump House point

As we are all too well aware, the world as we knew it has forever changed. So many things need to be re-evaluated, including construction methods and techniques.

With a shortage of skilled labour, without any improvement in this statistic visible in the foreseeable future, a guaranteed strong labour force is no longer a given.

At Tasbuilt Commercial, we feel we have the solution to this – modular construction. Streamlined construction processes in a controlled factory environment allow for quicker and more efficient work with less skilled labour required.

The efficiency of modular construction in the commercial space makes projects cheaper overall. The same quality, or better constructed faster with less wastage means project times are guaranteed more streamlined than the conventional onsite methods. The other advantage we see here is that onsite work and modular construction can be occurring simultaneously. Modular processes are planned and co-ordinated, saving time and money.

During the pandemic and immediate post-pandemic world, modular construction can help remedy problems that both architects and cities as a whole are facing. Modular construction not only requires fewer skilled workers but fewer workers in general, allowing projects that otherwise would not meet safety regulations to continue working.

Globally, modular hospitals and healthcare facilities are proving beneficial with modules being shipped in where necessary and easy moved to different locations as necessary or stored for future use.

Restaurants are another example where modular can fill the gaps – the dining scene has changed in the pandemic and has changed from ‘dining-in’ to ‘take-away’ and ‘delivery’.

In the big cities, modular design allows restaurants to quickly and cheaply open new locations to make food more accessible for customers who do not require the indoor dining aspect of the original location. The size of each module provides restaurants with the opportunity to decide how large of a space they need and choose a location where a full-scale restaurant would otherwise not be able to fit.

As well as the other advantages that modular construction provides, such as efficiency and affordability, it also has some obvious environmental benefits. Generally, there are fewer emissions, less raw material waste, and reduced environmental impact associated with modular construction in comparison to other construction methods.

At Tasbuilt Commercial, we believe modular is the commercial construction method of the future!

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