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What is a ‘donga’?

The modular buildings of years gone by were called some interesting names… let us unpack this one for you!!

Tasmanian modular school in tasmania

Donga is an Australian slang term for a temporary, usually modular building, normally built of light weight materials and easily able to be moved from site to site. Typically associated with demountable classrooms and workers accommodation, linguists world wide have been puzzled over the origin of this strange term. One thing we know for sure, is Tasbuilts customised modular buildings are a long way from the ’dongas’ of yesteryear!

While early prefabricated buildings were mass produced in uniform colour and size, the one-size fits all concept certainly does not work for everyone, particularly in todays world of high environmental standards, cutting edge design, and flexible transient workplaces. That’s why at Tasbuilt, we have embraced the ‘Customised, Streamlined, Professional’ philosophy, combining the advantages of offsite, modular construction, with modern design standards and finishes.

So if you need more floor area in your facility, contact Tasbuilt today to find out if a modular solution could be the answer for you.


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