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What is the floor space I need per employee in an office environment?

There are important design factors to consider when planning a new office - our experienced Consultants can help you plan yours today!

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At Tasbuilt Commercial, we specialise in creating modular spaces for companies and organisations that require additional space. When planning a new office building, there are some important design factors to consider.

According to The Building Code of Australia the minimum floor area in an office, per employee, not including ‘essential’ areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, meeting rooms, mail rooms, communications or utilities rooms is 10m2 per person. This figure is very much only a minimum, and depending on the specific nature of your company you may require something more like 12m2-14m2 per employee. This figure is usually more again if you require private offices for employees, such as in businesses where confidentiality and privacy is a priority. In these situations an area of around 20m2 per employee may be more appropriate.

The single biggest factor we see overlooked in designing additional space for your workforce is catering for future expansion. Whilst modular construction does allow you to easily adapt your workplace into the future, it is always more cost effective to plan ahead and provide space for growth

If your workplace is bursting at the seams and you are looking for more space without disrupting your day to day activities, a prefabricated office building could be the solution for you.

Tasbuilt provide a full package from design through to fit out of the furniture, so we encourage you to reach out to our team today!


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