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3 reasons to provide quality accommodation for your staff

Great accommodation facilities, brings productive, vibrant and dynamic employees – just like Tasbuilt Commercial!

With a competitive employment market across Tasmania, attracting staff to work in remote environments in many industries is becoming more challenging, and potential employees are looking for workplaces that offer more than just the upfront pay-check. One way you can increase your chances of attracting quality staff is by providing comfortable onsite staff accommodation and facilities, to save your staff the hassle and expense of finding their own accommodation nearby. Tasbuilt Commercial offers a prefabricated accommodation solution that is customised, streamlined, professional

Following are three benefits of providing quality staff accommodation:

Peace of mind

In remote areas, rental accommodation can often be poorly maintained and is often outdated and inefficient. Providing accommodation for your staff gives you the peace of mind that your staff are safe and comfortable.

Tax benefits

There can be financial benefits to providing staff housing through your business. Be sure to discuss this with your accountant or financial advisor prior to purchasing accommodation facilities to ensure you maximise the benefits.

Your staff will love it

Attract and retain top level staff by making it easy for them to live close to the workplace when needed. Comfortable facilities ensure your staff moral is high and therefore maximising their workplace effectiveness

At Tasbuilt Commercial we have worked with not-for profits groups, tourist operators, agricultural operations, and logistics companies to design and construct prefabricated bunkrooms, facilities, crib rooms and more. For a custom designed accommodation solution for your business, contact Tasbuilt Commercial today


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