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3 Tips When Designing Change Rooms Or Amenities Spaces

Advice on how to make these projects cost-effective, high-quality & hassle-free!

Tasbuilt Commercial can provide fully customised, prefabricated change rooms and amenities spaces for sporting clubs, schools, and workplaces. With extensive industry experience and a streamlined process for building and delivering these projects in a cost-effective way, we offer complete peace of mind when adding one of these areas to your facility!

Here are 3 tips if you are thinking about new change rooms or amenities buildings for your facility/workplace...

1. Use a customised solution.

While some budget building providers offer an ‘off-the-shelf' product, you will achieve a far better result by working with a company that builds to order and can tailor the design to suit your specific requirements (e.g. Tasbuilt). This allows you to maximise the available space that you have to work with, match the interior areas to the existing infrastructure of your club or workplace, and add your own unique touches (e.g. colours, fixtures, finishes) to ensure the building is on-brand for you and perfectly suited to your players/patrons/staff.

2. Utilise off-site, prefabricated building methods.

By prebuilding your new change rooms and amenities off-site in a controlled factory setting, you can minimise disruption to your playing schedule or workplace activities. Offsite construction also eliminates the building mess that accumulates on-site through more traditional construction methods, allows for faster completion of your project, and removes the safety and security risks that usually come with a new development. When building with Tasbuilt, clients can visit their project anytime at our factory in Westbury to check in on its progress!

3. Choose a fixed-price contract.

Most businesses/organisations have a tight, strict budget for their new buildings, so using a fixed-price contract gives you peace of mind that your project will fit within your constraints. With whichever contractor you choose, ensure there is a clear process for working through any variations that may pop up during the build before you start, so the budget doesn't blow out. Tasbuilt has fixed-price contracts for all our projects, and there are no additional charges for changes to floor plans after the contract is signed.

By following these 3 tips, adding new changerooms/amenities spaces to your facility will be a budget-friendly breeze! Choosing to build with Tasbuilt means minimal impact on your operations and disruptions to players/patrons, quick construction, and less hassle. We take care of the whole process end-to-end, so you won't have to coordinate multiple trades/suppliers for months!

If you are looking to build new change rooms or amenities spaces, contact us today to discuss how a modular solution could work for you!


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