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5 Upgrades To Consider When Building A New Office

Get the most out of your investment, optimise employee satisfaction/productivity, and impress clients and visitors!

At Tasbuilt, we deal with many clients who have reached capacity in their existing office space and are looking for a quick, cost-effective solution to expand and added flexibility as their business grows. Building a new office is both an exciting and daunting process! Disruptions to workplace day-to-day activities and staff can seem painful, knowing the best layout for your team and processes can be confusing, and the look of the build needs to be modern and inviting, yet still blend in existing infrastructure. There is a lot to consider!

Never fear, Tasbuilt specialises in designing and constructing Office & Admin Buildings for clients in a variety of industries, in locations around Tasmania. We work through the whole process with you, project managing your new build from initial design, through to council approvals, construction, and furniture fit-out. We ensure your new office building is tailored to your specific brand, business requirements, team, and best caters to your predicted future needs.

While we know most people have strict budgets when building new offices, here are 5 design upgrades that are well worth considering to get the most out of your investment...

1. Extra Capacity

Design your new office with the future in mind, don't be short-sighted or do a 'bandaid build' to fix immediate capacity issues. You may think your business's growth spurt is finished, and your team has reached the perfect size, but the economy these days is unpredictable! It's always a good idea to allow for a few spare desk spaces or flexible areas to turn into working spaces, to facilitate additional team members if need be.

2. Strategic Lighting

Improve staff morale, productivity, and reduce fatigue by ensuring optimal lighting levels throughout the working areas of your office. Whether it be the strategic placement and design of windows to maximise natural light, or the clever selection of lighting solutions to optimise energy efficiency, set the ambiance of your office, and elevate the interior style. Tasbuilt can engage and work with lighting consultants on your behalf to provide expert advice on how to best layout the lighting plan in your office.

3. Acoustic Separation

When building a new office, consider upgrading to acoustically-rated wall linings and insulation. In today's 'pandemic' world, where zoom meetings and virtual hookups are the norms, managing the noise levels through your office space is more important than ever!

4.'Break Out' Spaces

Although it's tempting to keep your office floor area at a minimum by pigeon-holing your team to their desks, it's important to allow space for more informal areas for team collaborations and casual meetings. This will assist the free flow of information throughout your organisation, and optimise the versatility and flexibility of your build.

5. Wow-Factor Entry

Impress your customers, clients, and/or visitors with a stylishly designed reception area or entry foyer that 'wows'! First impressions are everything and are made by us all in seconds, often impacting our overall feelings towards a business or organisation. For your office entryway, choose a colour palette that's on-brand and reinvigorates the space, and layer different materials and textures across flooring, walls, joinery etc. Experiment with technology, such as digital screens showcasing your product range. Or, invest in large format wall prints that reflect your corporate brand, people, or history. Having an office that looks good, as well as being functional, will also give your team a sense of pride each day when they arrive at work!

At Tasbuilt we have designed and built prefabricated, modular Office & Admin buildings for many businesses/organisations around Tasmania.

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