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Benefits of natural light in the workplace

A naturally lit space makes for a healthier, more motivated, more engaged workforce.

Blog 1 Benefits of natural light in the workplace June 2021

We all need natural light. It supplies us with Vitamin D, helps us sleep at night and not in the office, and wards off seasonal depression.

It seems employees know this instinctively. A survey by HR advisory firm Future Workplace found that natural light and views of the outdoors were the most highly sought-after feature in the workplace. Writing in the Harvard Business Review, Managing Partner of Future Workplace, Jeanne C Meister, found that employees value these two ‘natural’ workplaces benefits more highly than any other.

Many of Tasbuilt’s commercial clients come to us because they’re stuck with old office spaces and buildings that are still in the dark ages. We’re pleased to tell them the solutions are simpler than you think, and they’re modular.

New build

Prefabricated, modular buildings can be custom-designed and positioned to capitalise on the natural aspect of a site. This brings in natural light and creates a high performing structure that’s a delight to work in.

Modular extension

An alternative is a modular extension, which augments an existing structure. This too creates a new space – a modern, optimal working environment that brings all the gains of a motivated, engaged workforce, and leaves the old space available for other purposes – like storage.

If you are thinking of a new build or expansion, chat to Tasbuilt Commercial today. Our team will advise you on all the pros and cons of new build versus modular extension on your site, and shed some (natural) light on the matter.

We’ve built custom-designed projects for a wide range of organisations, industries, and purposes! From offices and administration buildings, classrooms and educational facilities, accommodation buildings, sporting facilities, and more!

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