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Building Multi-Unit Developments with Tasbuilt

We walk through our unique process of building modular units.

Tasbuilt Commercial works with developers across Tasmania to design and build multi-unit developments of all different sizes and configurations. Our team has experience across all aspects of the development process, from initial concept design and site layouts through to construction and completion of the buildings on site. We have built projects for a range of purposes, across a variety of industries; from luxury holiday accommodation and housing developments for aged care/senior living estates, to staff quarters for farms and vineyards.


Designing a multi-unit development first starts with a good understanding of the site and clearly defining the developer's desired outcomes. Our design team works through a strategic "Discovery Meeting" process to do this and completes a site visit to ensure a sound understanding of all project details.

The next step is to prepare initial concept plans that are in line with local council requirements and that meet standards for parking, disabled access, private open space, and other building code specifications. We then work with you to further refine your design in light of these specifications and prepare a detailed fixed-price proposal.

Once this proposal is completed and a contract is signed by all parties, our team gets underway with processing the council approvals, working with a building surveyor and the required consultants and professional designers, and engineers where need be. Our council liaison team works with the local council on your behalf to obtain all necessary approvals for your multi-unit development – it’s all taken care of by us!

With council approvals obtained, construction then commences in our off-site manufacturing facility. It’s here that the units are constructed as prefabricated modules, ready for transporting to your site and craning into position. Prior to delivery on-site, our team will install the footings and fully prepare the land for the new buildings.

Once the installation is complete, Tasbuilt connects all services and adds any remaining finishing touches to the buildings (e.g., professional cleaning or furniture fit-out) in preparation for handover – it’s truly an end-to-end service!

If you are interested in building a multi-unit development in Tasmania, contact us today!

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