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Can you customise a portable site office?

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Portable site offices, or ‘site sheds’, are a common feature on construction sites across Tasmania. While many of these are ‘off the shelf’ units, often on short term hire arrangements, many construction companies are finding the benefits of a more customised solution, especially on larger projects that run over 12 months or more.

At Tasbuilt Commercial, we provide a customised, streamlined and professional solution for portable site offices and amenities. Our design team will work with you to develop a package that will best suit your project teams requirements. From small 2 person site sheds, to a full site facility complete with crib rooms, amenities, and covered outdoor areas, Tasbuilt Commercial has options for all types of projects.

Tasbuilt Commercial offers a complete service, from design and engineering through to fit out and commissioning, even including the supply and installation of office furniture. All of this can also be customised to your requirements, including options such as hydration stations, stand up desks, electronic whiteboards, and other cutting edge features to ensure your site runs at optimum efficiency.

A customised solution is best suited to projects that run over longer periods, as the initial set up is more involved and the lead time for production is more extended.

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