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Clever Ideas For Off-Grid Tiny Cabin Accommodation

Tips & advice for building modern, unique accommodation stays in off-grid locations around Tassie.

In Tasmania’s booming tourism industry, many operators are looking for more niche markets to add value to their product offering and position themselves more uniquely in the marketplace. One such niche market is the rapidly growing demand for ‘off-grid’ tiny cabin accommodation nestled in more remote locations. Many Australian families and busy professionals are looking for more boutique, secluded accommodation to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. They want private retreats in an isolated location at an affordable price, where they can disconnect from technology and everyday stresses and reconnect with themselves, nature, and friends/family. With a vast array of untouched wilderness destinations and stunning unpopulated coastlines, Tasmania is the perfect place to set up off-grid accommodation or ‘tiny cabins' for people wanting this type of getaway.

Here are 4 tips to building off-grid accommodation that stands out from the crowd…

1. Do your research & partner with experts.

Even in a niche market, you need to create a unique experience/stay for guests to encourage bookings. If you’re lucky enough to own a site where the location is truly ‘one of a kind’ with no other tourism operators nearby, then to some degree, the accommodation will sell itself. However, in most cases, location alone won’t be enough and you’ll have to put some effort into the design of your cabin(s) to draw attention. Research and explore other off-grid ‘tiny cabin’ accommodation around the world for inspiration and let your creative mind run wild! See how other people, in other countries, with similar environments and design styles to yours, have created their accommodation. Then, work with an experienced design company that knows the tourism sector and your geographical region to craft cabins/units that suit your surrounding landscape and incorporate clever design features to optimise the comfort and modernity of your off-grid accommodation. Remember, those seeking an off-grid experience will appreciate ‘natural’, cosy touches such as wood fires, stone baths, loads of natural light, and of course, secluded privacy.

2. Choose your location carefully & communicate openly.

Your location can often set you up for success or failure, and you will need to manage your messaging to clients subject to where your site is. If your accommodation is a long way from local towns and amenities, you may need to look at providing some sort of valet or shuttle service to guests (especially those from interstate/overseas). When positioning your cabins or units, consider how guests will transport their luggage into the property and how they will explore/navigate the site surrounding it. If you are building multiple cabins/units, privacy, and space between them will also be an important consideration.

3. Determine how 'off-grid' you'll go.

Determine exactly how ‘off-grid’ your accommodation is going to be and be upfront in your marketing about how remote your cabins really are. Do guests need to drive 30 minutes for phone reception or is there backup satellite service available onsite? Do they need to bring all the food/drinks for their stay or are there local shops nearby? Not making this clear to your guests from the get-go can result in disgruntled patrons leaving bad reviews. While a digital detox in a wilderness location sounds great in theory, many people aren’t aware of just how drastic a true off-grid lifestyle change can be, even if only for a few days, and fail to prepare accordingly.

4. Invest in quality photos & explore marketing channels.

First impressions are everything, and people fall in love with accommodation through visuals that allow them to envision themselves experiencing a place. Invest in professional photography to truly capture your off-grid accommodation in the best light and do it justice. It will cost a bit more up front but give you valuable content for use across all types of marketing activities. Consider setting up a website so you can really maximise the commercial potential of your ‘tiny cabin' or units, create an Instagram and/or Facebook account to showcase your stay and guest experiences, or list your accommodation on Airbnb to tap into a database of millions looking for a remote getaway.

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