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Council Approval For Modular Buildings In Tasmania

A quick breakdown of the council approval process for new builds - What's involved? How does Tasbuilt help?

Modular classroom in margate
Container looking modular building in Launceston Tasmania

Most new buildings in Tasmania require council approval, even if they are modular or relocatable.

Council approval is a critical hurdle that needs to be cleared at the start of any new project journey before construction can get underway. It can be a tedious, tricky process with many local councils around Tasmania having differing rules/regulations, and there is a lot of paperwork involved.

Council approval processes for buildings vary greatly depending on the size of the build and the nature in which it will be used, so working with an experienced third-party to ensure the process is handled smoothly and efficiently is a HUGE advantage - it saves time, reduces stress, and can save you money by avoiding regulation violations.

At Tasbuilt Commercial, we take care of the WHOLE council approval process for you, as part of your project's fixed-price contract.

The council approval process that Tasbuilt Commercial manages for new buildings generally includes the following steps:

Completion of detailed drawings of your project, including all info that the council requires to process the approvals. This includes ground levels, layout and elevations of your building, plumbing and electrical diagrams, and other relevant information such as...

  • Soil Tests - confirming the type of footings that will be required to support your building(s) based on the ground conditions of your site.
  • Energy Reports - to determine that the proposed design and construction materials meet the requirements for energy-efficient design.
  • Engineering Drawings - outlining the structural details required for the design, such as critical load-bearing columns and beams.
  • Bushfire Reports - may be required depending on your proximity to surrounding bushfire threat (vegetation).
  • Wastewater Reports - may be required if there is not a reticulated sewer connection available on your site.
  • Certificate of Likely Compliance - from a building surveyor, who reviews all the documentation to ensure it meets the relevant building codes and regulations.

Finally, all the above are lodged by Tasbuilt (on your behalf) with your local council for them to review and approve. Council approval takes part in two stages, firstly planning approval, and then building approval.

Sounds technical? It can be. That’s why at Tasbuilt Commerical, we work with clients who are time-poor and frustrated with the idea of managing this process themselves on top of running their business or worksite. Tasbuilt's team has great relationships and experience with local councils across Tasmania, so they can get the job done quickly, accurately and on your new development is not held up.

For more information on acquiring council approval for modular buildings and developments, contact us today!


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