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How The Office Will Evolve In 2021

The workplace as we know it has changed forever!

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The key finding of KPMG’s recent study on the future of office spaces and commercial real estate is that the office as we’ve known it will evolve dramatically over the next five years, and there will be no ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

As work-from-home hybrid strategies remain in play in a world that continues to endure the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses will now be looking for highly versatile offices/buildings with flexible facilities and spaces.

This study found that flexibility will underpin the office spaces of the future, with businesses feeling increasing pressure to ensure all office real estate held is essential and used optimally, in an economy still plagued by uncertainty and profit loss from the pandemic.

It’s predicted that the physical office, as opposed to the work-from-home office, will evolve to be a place primarily to “collaborate, innovate and solve problems” with teams and for “interacting and problem-solving” with clients and partners. Making connections and socialising with colleagues was also highlighted in the study as an important factor in the workplace during these trying times, especially in regards to solidifying working relationships and employee mental health. Therefore, traditional office designs/layouts will need to be reconsidered by businesses moving forward, to focus more on fostering collaboration and employee interactions.

This KPMG study has offered us at Tasbuilt Commercial some interesting insights, but these findings come at no real surprise to us. We obviously see modular construction playing an invaluable role in the future of office and commercial spaces. Over the years we continue to see the modular construction industry booming in the commercial space, as it consistently delivers contemporary, versatile, flexible, and high-performing buildings quickly and cost-effectively for organisations worldwide.

At Tasbuilt Commercial, we believe the ability to completely customise each building’s design/layout and incorporate contemporary finishes makes modular buildings the perfect solution for the offices of the future!

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