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Supplier Profile - Engineering Plus

Tasbuilt are proud to introduce you to - Engineering Plus - one of our great team of suppliers!

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Tell us a little bit about Engineering Plus and the products you offer?

Engineering Plus is the brainchild of Jack and Trin Pfeiffer who wanted to offer clients a one stop shop for all their Building Design needs.

Our team can take care of the entire project from the very early design stages, including 3D concepts and renders, through to engineering and the submission of all council applications.

There is nothing we can’t assist with including residential, commercial, fully accessible and industrial.

What is your top piece of advice for a client designing their new home?

Knowing what their budget is and knowing it’s never too early to talk to their builder.

Choosing the right land and the blocks orientation, this can impact the design of the house.

Having a list of non-negotiable must have items or feature, then also what you are willing to compromise on if necessary.

It’s really important to have done some research to know what you would like which will save time and cost in the long run.

Being flexible! Building your new home is one of the most exciting projects to undertake so its important to be flexible in the whole process to ensure it is always a positive experience.

What are the most interesting trends you have observed over the last little while in the building industry?

Bigger homes and more bathrooms. Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses! Therefore these are the value assets in your home.

Prefabrication of homes off site is a cost-effective option and stress-free approach which now attracts a large following.

Sustainability in architecture and development has been a trend for some time and only continues to become even more apparent.

Home automation and smart homes are on the rise and adding components of these trends into your home can certainly provide great comfort and reduce consumption bills.

What are your top 3 favourite design ideas for 2020/2021?

Multipurpose spaces such as the movie room that can convert in to a study, dining or a guest room.

Kitchens are continuing to evolve, often now being the dining area too, with walk in pantries becoming separate mini facilities in themselves!

Luxury features are popping up with hotel styled powder rooms or bathrooms, even having that free standing bath perhaps in the master giving the homeowner that holiday at home experience.

Tasbuilt is proudly Tasmanian, so we have to ask – what do you love about living and working in Tasmania?

That’s an easy one!! We are so lucky here in Tasmania and we truly believe we have such a great work live balance.

We live in beautiful locations that are well serviced while being lucky enough to have so many amazing areas to explore so close to our homes.

You can walk out of work and be on the most spectacular unspoilt coastline or wilderness within 1 hour, there are not many other places like that in the world!

Where can our clients learn more about Engineering Plus?

You can find us at 81 Elizabeth St, Launceston or visit our website at Swing by or drop in to discuss your next future project!


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