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Transportation & Installation of Modular Buildings Explained

All the steps involved in transporting and installing a prefabricated building; from Tasbuilt's facility to your site anywhere in Tasmania.

What makes the prefabricated, modular building process so unique (and quick) is that majority of construction is done away from your site! Only once a modular building is very near completion is it carefully transported to your block in modules and assembled cleverly on-site by qualified building personnel.

Modular buildings are just as sturdy and solid as those constructed on-site. All Tasbuilt Commercial buildings have a rigid subfloor chassis; a fully welded, insulated floor frame made from large steel beams and steel sections. For additional strength, all our projects’ external walls are fully lined with ply bracing. This means we can plaster, paint, and even tile your buildings before they are transported from our facility to your site.

Here’s is a quick run-down of the process our clients go through, to get their new modular build from the Tasbuilt facility and situated on their site…

1. Site Assessment

One of our Logistics Team members will meet with you on-site to check the transport route for suitability and ensure there is safe access into the building placement area. They will discuss with you if any additional hardstand is required, or if any gate posts or tree limbs/vegetation need to be removed to enable access.

2. Prepping The Site

Our contractors will work with you to undertake any required activities to ensure the site is prepped and ready for a safe, smooth delivery. In the weeks prior to delivery, our team will be at your site to install the footings in preparation for the building to be placed.

3. Planning The Route

Our Logistics Team will work with the transport contractors to plan the best route from our facility to your site, obtain the necessary oversize permits, and book escort vehicles if required.

4. Delivery Day

Our team will travel with the transport convoy to ensure the building's delivery is executed to plan. Once on-site, our craning contractor works with the Tasbuilt team to crane the building from the trucks onto the pre-installed footings.

5. Post-delivery

Once the building is installed on the footings, all modules are seamlessly bolted to each other and down to the footings.

Tasbuilt Commercial transports modular buildings to sites all over Tasmania – from King Island to the South of Hobart. With over 15 years of experience, our Installation and Logistics Teams are experts in delivering and installing modular builds, ensuring the operation is as safe and seamless as possible.

If you want to learn more about Tasbuilt's modular building solutions for your business, contact us today!


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