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We take 5 with Iryna, our newest team member!

Check out this short Q&A with Tasbuilt’s newest employee.

Iryna has recently joined the Tasbuilt Team in a finance & compliance role, and we love having her on board! We recently sat down with her to learn her story, and get her thoughts on her new role and life in Tasmania.

Welcome to the team Iryna!

Thank you! I am grateful to be a part of Tasbuilt Homes team.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I moved to Australia from the Ukraine when I was 18 years old. The main reason I moved was to improve my English at one of the many courses I took in Sydney. Then, I continued onto university where I met my husband. We moved to Tasmania two years ago and have been enjoying our life here ever since!

What motivates you every day?

The people I love!

Being new to Tasbuilt & looking at our culture with fresh eyes, how would you explain it?

Tasbuilt’s culture is innovative and creative.

What interests you most in the finance industry, and why?

The opportunities that competent financial management can bring.

You’ve moved across the world, and we’re delighted to welcome you to Tassie! Tell us 5 things you enjoy about your home here…

The stunning nature, lovely people, laidback lifestyle, the sheep along the roads and wallabies in my backyard, and the preservation of all these elements by Tasmanians.

Walk us through the profit/loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements…

The Balance Sheet has to balance; there are liabilities on one side, assets and equity on the other. One of the good signs is positive equity.

Also, thorough examination and analysis of multiple financial statements are necessary for a clear assessment of the company’s financial performance.

The profit/loss statement speaks for itself. It shows how profitable the company is by calculating the net profit margin. Profit doesn't necessarily reflect the amount of cash, meaning it doesn’t pay the bills on a daily basis- cash does! The Cash Flow Statement assists in determining the level of a company's health in terms of inflow and outflow of cash.

And just for fun - you are a new crayon in the Tasbuilt box, what colour are you and why?

I would say coffee brown, white and coral!

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