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4 Reasons for the Education Sector to Embrace Modular Buildings

Modular construction is increasingly popular in the education sector for its flexibility & speed of completion.

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Tasbuilt Commercial offers a range of prebuilt building for many industries, we can standardise designs, or work with you to develop a completely custom-built solution for your company. When it comes to the education sector, prebuilt modular timber-framed buildings are perfect for classrooms, administration offices, staff rooms, studios, sports facilities, canteens, student accommodation, training centres and much more. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. Flexibility

As school and university enrolments fluctuate from year to year, modular builds are the ideal solution to maintain the correct size to capacity ratio.

They are either permanent or temporary and can be used while renovating existing facilities. They are flexible in size as other modules can be added or disassembled into smaller buildings depending on demand and requirements. They can be custom designed to match the aesthetics of an existing campus and paired seamlessly with the structure. Once completed, you cannot tell the difference between a permanent modular building and a traditional one.

While most organisations still plan and design facilities as one-offs, a few visionary organisations are modernising and streamlining their processes by developing modular/prefabricated prototypes — from entire University or School campuses to individual components within the existing footprint of larger and complex facilities, modular is the future!

2. Speed

Construction in a factory setting is quick and efficient. It’s faster than an onsite build as it’s not affected by weather and other disruptions. Construction takes place offsite at our Westbury factory while groundworks are completed onsite at the same time. This, along with the speed of construction, reduces time spent onsite by up to 70 per cent versus a traditional build. Once planning approval is attained, the project will take just six weeks in the factory.

3. Environmentally friendly

Tasbuilt Commercial modular construction uses less energy than traditional construction methods and when timber is used as the primary material along with low impact foundations, it reduces the embodied carbon of the building resulting in a much lower environmental impact.

By constructing the building off-site, most of the disruption, noise and debris that results from traditional construction is also eliminated. By the time the building is on campus, all the waste has been left behind at the factory site and only details such as connections and final touch ups need to be completed. This means nearby classrooms or facilities are not hampered by undue noise for extended periods.

4. Security

Incomplete, unlocked buildings are at risk of break-ins, theft as vandalization. With modular, the building arrives on campus at full lock up stage and a locked building reduces the temptation for free-spirited individuals to ‘explore’ the unfinished building.

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