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5 creative lunchroom ideas for offices

Remember, your staff are your greatest asset, give them some great ‘breakout’ spaces, and we’re sure they’ll reward you in spades!!

Everyone, employees and employers alike understand the benefits of taking breaks at work. Many people still don’t take a break as often as they should, for many reasons - they are fearful of looking like a lazy person or there isn’t anywhere they feel comfortable enough to chill out for a break, they may have a constant barrage of meetings that always occur around lunchtime, or they might be one of those people who eat a massive breakfast and that sees them through till their evening meal!

But regardless of all that, research has shown there are massive productivity and focus benefits from just leaving your desk and rezoning, grabbing a drink and going for a walk, or just sitting relaxing … even for just ½ hour.

As the employer, your staff are your greatest asset, so why not make break time attractive and invest in a fun, bright and entertaining lunchroom/break out room which will inspire and motivate your employees.

At Tasbuilt Commercial, we love designing great workspaces. These are five ideas we’ve come up with on how to build your lunchroom that will encourage your employees to take a break… recharge and revitalise!

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Bright Colours

Combine bright colours that complement each other in your design to something that is different to your colour scheme from the rest of your office. You could introduce bright colours by adding artwork, painting a wall or adding some funky furniture. We recommend bright colours as this motivates employees’ minds and will help them recharge their energy.

Comfy Furniture

As we all know its very hard to lounge and relax in hard chairs and not easy to eat at uneven tables. You will need to get quality furniture that matches your lunchroom colour scheme and is comfortable and relaxing for your staff to sit at and unwind from the daily grind while on their breaks…. Think outside the square – beanbags or some pod chairs, bar stool and a long bench for eating, or a big communal table to encourage others to join in and create some fun and communication.

Distinct space from rest of office

You don’t want your employees feeling like they are in another meeting room so you need to create a relaxation zone which is apart and different from the rest of the office. You can change the appearance and feel of your lunchroom by adding some quirky décor. Its best if this space can be separated by a door and be well insulated enough so your employees can notice the ‘office chatter’ and general noise subside when they hit the ‘winddown’ zone!

Add some greenery

Studies have shown workers who have greenery and natural sunlight in their offices are up to 6% more productive than those without. Think about incorporating some hanging plants in your lunchroom, or even a ‘green wall’ as a divider within the breakout space.

As well as the numerous health and wellbeing perks from having plants around, they also provide a décor element that can be just the finishing touch your space needs, and can make a corporate space look really visually appealing.

Fun and Games

Your lunchroom needs to be a place where employees can unwind and have a little fun. Besides a place to eat and have their coffee, why not set up a pool table or a ping pong table, put in some board games or set up a TV. Other creative fun ideas include a chalkboard, silly word fridge magnets or even a bulletin board for personal announcements… if they don’t come back from lunch break, they’re probably playing Scrabble! 😉

When designing your new lunchroom, you need to consider the number of employees as you don’t want to feel cramped up, allow space to mingle, to nap, sit and talk… the list goes on!

Giving your employees a chance to chill out and relax while on their breaks which will come back to reward you in spades! They’ll be happier, more productive and you’ll retain them longer. Remember it is an investment into your employee’s well-being.

Thinking of expanding or creating a new office space (with a lunchroom 😉)?

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