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A day in the life of our Southern Sales Consultant, Lauren Fyfe.

Lauren loves the variety at Tasbuilt, had a blast at our recent Paintball team day & has a dog called Obi… read on to enjoy more of Lauren’s daily insights….

My day starts around 5:30am although some days my snooze button gets a bit of a workout!! Breakfast is usually a very boring bowl of Weetbix. When driving to work I will often listen to a podcast and will be thinking about that, although sometimes my mind wanders, and I start planning my grocery list.

The first thing I do once I get to Tasbuilt is unlock and set up the office and then sit down and check my emails and calendar so I can plan out my day.

Every day is different at Tasbuilt but after I have checked my emails and calendar and planned out my day I sit down and reply to any emails received overnight and check the mailbox.

From that point onwards it can be a mix of site visits with customers, meetings with customers in the office, handing over completed homes, drawing up plans and putting together quotes. Throw in a few daily huddles and team meetings and it makes for a very busy day!

I enjoy working at Tasbuilt as I love the variety and every day is different. My funniest moment while working at Tasbuilt would be the day we all went to Paintball. It was a hilarious team bonding day despite coming home with some nice big bruises!

I am lucky that our office in Cambridge is opposite a gym, so I usually head there straight after work before I head home.

Once tea is cooked, I like to take my dog, Obi for a walk and then sit on the couch and read a book. I am not a night owl, so I am usually in bed by 9pm and fast asleep not long after!

Thanks, Lauren! Keep up the good work. Visit our team page to meet the rest of the Tasbuilt Team.


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