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Can your project be built on a sloping block?

Design your project to maximise your elevation and view!

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The state of Tasmania is beautiful, with many breathtaking views and remarkable landscapes.

So, you search high and low until you finally find the perfect piece of land that ticks all those boxes and more – only problem is, it’s a sloping block… You picture your dream home here but can’t help but see expense and roadblocks due to the challenging terrain.

Can you build your modular project on a sloping block?

The short answer is…YES!

One of the great things about modular homes is the majority of construction occurs in an off-site facility so the need for regular access and site disturbance is greatly reduced, which is a bonus when working on difficult sites.

If site access for trucks and cranes is restricted, it has the potential to add to the cost of the installation, and if decks are over one metre from ground level, you’ll need to include balustrading, so be sure to allow a little extra in your budget. These are all things we can flag and talk you through in the design phase of your project. Prior to commencing design and build, we thoroughly assess your site, and then discuss if there are any additional costs you need to take into consideration.

When considering the overall price, it’s important to look at the bigger picture - because although the installation may cost you more, if you purchased the block for a bargain price there’s a good chance it’s still a cost-effective way to build.

When it comes to structure for a sloped site, engineering is important. The floor frame on all our Tasbuilt homes is an engineered, fully welded steel frame, which is braced and coated for corrosion protection. These house frames are fastened to steel piers set into concrete footings to the engineer’s specifications. Our solid yet simple floor structure means any of our designs can be easily modified to suit almost any terrain.

A great (and cost effective) option for maximising your views is by elevating your Tasbuilt home on steel piers. This will save time and money with less need for site excavations that have potential to blow out in cost, and often require extra retaining walls and drainage.

So, if you’re dreaming of that home with a view on a sloping block in Tasmania, we can help! Contact our team today to discuss custom designing your home to maximise your elevation and view!

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