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Day in the life of Mitchell Cunningham

I have been working at Tasbuilt Homes since November 2016 and I have been enjoying my work ever since. Every morning on a workday, my alarm goes off between 4 and 5 am and I hit the ground running full speed after my breakfast, usually cereal.

It takes only a 12-minute drive to the office and the short commute saves my time big time making the day more productive. Once at the office, I first set up my laptop, sometimes I recollect the previous day’s tasks and issues to make today’s decision-making process easier. And then the day begins with each day being different, but usually responding to clients’ maintenance issues and adding to and reviewing high-level schedules.

With a few changes at Tasbuilt, I have seen my job role shift into a sales position that is more focused on clients and how we can help create their “Australian family dream”. My position in maintenance has been passed on to Justin who does a terrific job at it, I’m sure the clients will feel great trust and absolutely enjoy working with him.

Working at Tasbuilt is gratifying, there is always something to do, and you can always find someone to laugh with. Some of my favourite moments are listening to the older people on the team like Warwick & Tony, their jokes are hilarious. Tony just giggles no matter if it is 4am or 6pm – you can’t help but join in even if you are still trying to wake up or just stay awake. Warwick adds little one-liners that change a serious statement into rolling on the floor laughing – “dad” jokes are the order of the day 😂😂

The day ends at Tasbuilt around 5:30 pm, that time of the day every working man waits for to go home, enjoy family time and a roast meal or my favourite chicken parmi or seafood (any type really) … I usually turn my lights off between 8:45 pm and 10:00 pm, a good night’s sleep is what I need to recharge for the next day at Tasbuilt Homes.

I’m fortunate to work for a dynamic company engaged in the community and have been offered the chance to grow professionally. I expect to be here as long as I can contribute and help create homes for those that want a hassle-free experience.

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