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Meeting the Accommodation Needs of Cyclers & Fishers

Tasmania is a popular destination for cyclists, fishers and mountain bikers, especially Derby, a hidden gem in the states North East. Tasbuilt is proud to have contributed to this!


Cycling and fishing are huge drawcards for Tasmanian tourism with masses of people flocking here each year to get their adventure on. Whether amateur or professional, these visitors have some unique accommodation needs and storage requirements for their gear.

Often the key destinations for these activities are remote and not well served with high quality accommodation options. Prefabricated, modular builds are perfect for these remote areas, where access to tradespeople and maintaining a secure site during the building phase can be difficult. By building offsite, these constraints are overcome, the build is more environmentally friendly than building onsite, and custom design can also meet all the guests’ needs such as secure storage and comfort.

In 2019, Tasbuilt completed a series of custom, modular builds in Derby, home to one of the world's premier mountain bike networks encompassing 125km of purpose-built mountain bike trails with options to suit all skill levels.

The three identical, double-storey accommodation units are cleverly positioned over a stone retaining wall and take in stunning views of the nearby river and surrounding township. The three units each sleep eight, providing options to enjoy the trails as a family, or a larger group. Each unit features bunk room, secure bike storage and laundry downstairs so guests can come off the trails, secure their bikes and remove dirty clothes in the downstairs laundry before heading upstairs to relax in the open plan living area

The site also features a dedicated area for bike maintenance so that guests can have as much time on the trails as they want and avoid unwelcome downtime due to bike break downs.

Similarly to cycling or mountain biking, fishers have specific accommodation requirements they like in order to optimise their trips too. With long hours spent out in the elements wading into rivers and casting under the sun or in high velocity wind a few creature comforts don’t go astray! Fishing is a labour of love that can be physically exhausting and fly fishers look forward to a comfortable and well appointed ‘cabin’ to return to at the end of a long day.

To accommodate the needs of fishers, wet area entry is a must with racks for rods and storage, as well as drying options for wet trousers, gumboots, back packs and other gear. The addition of a handwashing basin with hot and cold water allows them to clean up and dry off while maintaining a clean and comfortable living and sleeping space.

Fishers also require a dedicated space, preferably under cover, to gut and clean their catch so a steel bench with running water, sink and easily removable catcher to collect fish debris and dispose of is the ideal way to achieve this. A sheltered, undercover BBQ area where they can cook their catch and tell stories about the one that got away is also a must!

Implementing these unique and practical features into your custom design will have your guests returning time and time again. We can help you design and build the perfect accommodation for your guests! Contact us today!


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