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Safety – Something A Modular Construction Factory Is Very Good At

Statistics show 'construction' as the most dangerous industry to work in. However, one of the many benefits of modular construction is that it improves health and safety.

Construction sites, especially conventional onsite builds where multiple trades are involved, can be chaotic places and potentially dangerous as each tradesperson is only focused on their part of the project and simple OH&S checks & measures can be overlooked or bypassed.

In contrast, here at Tasbuilt Homes each project is very thoroughly planned, and each module is produced one by one each with specific tasks to be completed within a specific time frame.

For our production team, this means that everyone is working efficiently to ensure that their tasks are complete at the right time in the right place. All the team are clear as to what their team members are doing alongside them and with many tasks being repetitive for each module, the chance of any accident is reduced.

Weather and seasonal changes (think Tasmanian winters & frost!) can play a dangerous role on building sites with slippery surfaces, as can fewer daylight hours by restricting visibility. However in a factory environment, as we have here at Tasbuilt, these issues can be eradicated. The meticulous project schedule we use also benefits from a factory environment, as no matter what the weather, the same tasks get done, something that can’t always be said for conventional onsite builds.

Tasbuilt have a very robust Health & Safety Committee and are continually striving to ensure the very best health and safety practices are being followed and promoting a positive health and safety culture throughout the team.

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