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Tasbuilt Homes Talk All Things Culture!

At Tasbuilt, we recently invested in our most valuable asset, our people! We all participated in a series of team building activities across two days which were fast-paced, fun, and an environment where learning culture skills and communication was enjoyed by all.

Team Culture1
Team Culture2
Team Culture3

Tasbuilt engaged the services of a company called Tactician, a business specialising in people solutions and growing constructive cultures to facilitate a two-day workshop on all things culture.

The team enjoyed getting together in small groups and working collaboratively with team members they would rarely work with to discuss their communication styles and where the culture at Tasbuilt is currently, and where we could improve.

Some great ideas were forthcoming, with some being surprised at their own styles of communication and the cultural insights of the company.

Some fun ensured as the teams were tasked with building ‘communication towers’ out of spaghetti and marshmallows – a truly remarkable feat!

We asked some of the team for feedback and here’s what they came up with -

"Important for everyone to get on as a team, irrespective of personalities. First of all, I must say it was a very fun session and I enjoyed it. It was like one of the workshops I had in Uni when doing International Human Resource Management Unit, just that it was much more fun!"

"I got to confirm my communication style, which I think might be 80% correct. Also, I saw the session as a team building one, which plays an important role in connecting all the members of an entity, as I got to team up with others and got to know more about the people I work with."

"Good to see the statistics across the country, we were better than average but there is always plenty of room for improvement – go Team Tasbuilt!"

"Maybe we could bring into the company the ways that people communicate and match the different styles. If we can find out how particular people like to communicate, we can better understand how they work and interact!"

A special thank you to Luke Johnson for his great presentations, and to all the team for their enthusiastic approach to some team building – let’s keep Tasbuilt’s culture going strong!!


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