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The Many Benefits of Using Prefab for Commercial Construction

Quality, a positive environmental impact, safety & tangible investment… Modular & Commercial are a dream combination – let us unpack some of the reasons why!

Tasbuilt Commercial is all about benefits that work both ways – making our processes safer, smarter and more streamlined, meanwhile creating something that our clients are proud of and fits exactly their needs. Some tangible benefits we see are;

Quality Control

It is to be noticed that Tasbuilt’s modular buildings are built to the same codes and standards as conventional builds. At Tasbuilt Commercial, we have a reputation for a critical eye for quality in our home builds (seen in our many 5-star reviews) and that same quality is none less in our commercial production of modules.

Tasmania is a land of natural beauty - but with that can come some harsh environmental factors, Tasbuilt’s modular units are designed in such a way that they are adaptable to suit changing circumstances and climates. Our modules being built offsite provides a very streamlined process and therefore modular construction is becoming much more embraced in the commercial sector also for fixed time frames.

Also, Tasbuilt Commercial modules being built in a controlled environment means materials are not being affected by adverse weather conditions (as can happen on-site builds) therefore the overall finished product has exceptional quality and is completed in a regimented timeframe.

Safety is Paramount

Of course, there is a speed aspect and sustainability aspect of a modular commercial building. But one point stands out, and that is the safety aspect. With Tasbuilt modular commercial projects being constructed in our factory in Westbury, Tasmania - this provides a safe controlled environment. Reduction of any workplace hazard is vital on any building site. Due to minimal site work, it makes the project safer across all trades involved in project completion.

A Tangible Investment

Any commercial modular build is really a risk-free investment because if it gets to a point where the modular project isn’t required upon completion or changing demographics, it can be sold off as a tangible asset. Tasbuilt has recently been approached by a major Tasmanian Commercial Builder to provide a temporary unit to be used for a very specific application. When the project is completed, the Builder will sell it off as 4 residential homes. Due to the strong chassis construction, those modules could be transported easily and successfully anywhere in Australia.

Site Impact

There is minimal site impact with a Tasbuilt modular build since site works go on simultaneously with the build being manufactured off-site. This is great for School/Health projects etc to allow teaching, production schedule site, and mobilisation to continue with little disruption impeding on any site application. Hospitals that are very compact and require additional structures find this very beneficial and with the constantly added strain on the Health care sector, this concept is very beneficial due to the speed of installation of the structures.

Environmental Impact

Tasbuilt Commercial modular builds also give great scope for building something environmentally friendly. Because of the nature (excuse the pun) of the build, it gives great scope for the use of recycled building materials, hence the construction becomes an instrument that will help the environment - This is where Commercial Modular can really shine!

Interested in going modular for your next Commercial project? … look no further, the team at Tasbuilt Commercial are ready to help you.

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