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Are Modular Buildings More Heat Efficient?

A guide to the heat efficiency of modular buildings

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Are modular buildings heat efficient? Yes, modular buildings are very energy efficient! Modular buildings have the ability to be customised, so the finished build can have added energy efficiency as an option.

A conventional build is commonly called a stick build as all the material are taken to site and put together (stick by stick). A modular build is built in a factory under quality control to ensure the modules are structurally sound enough to be transported. As modular builds are required to meet the same building code as a conventional build, the overall result is a well-insulated, heat efficient building!

We all know warm air always travels towards cold air, therefore, in winter warm air is always seeking to escape outside. This means that any substandard sealing around penetrations in ceilings, windows, pipes etc will allow for the warm air to migrate out. Due to the nature of a modular build this is easily managed and mitigated, particularly in projects with multiple modules. This is because strict tolerances mean that the building must be built accurately and put back together on site. This results in a more sealed and efficient end product.

In closing, it is to be noted that in the US, many modular buildings have earnt energy star certification due to the above facts, as well as because of the modular style. With the install of smart home technology that has heating and cooling features, and the ability to shut off rooms, it makes buildings even more energy efficient!

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