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What is the definition of a modular office?

Modular offices are becoming more and more popular, but they can be a little confusing. So, we’ve provided you with a brief definition below of a modular office.

A modular office is a building that is built at a manufacturing facility and transported to a destination for various applications. A modular office would generally be delivered fully completed and hence can be used immediately and with very minimum site impact.

Applications can be varied, and any request is easily met, for example, a turnkey product may be needed, or it may need to meet stringent requirements such as fire safety. Therefore, Tasbuilt modular offices have many varied applications, such as construction sites, schools, temporary offices and health facilities.

A modular office can also be used permanently, an example being a factory where offices are part of the warehouse footprint, and more warehouse space is needed. A modular office would be able to be easily added, and with endless layout possibilities, the result can be easily tailored to the requirement.

Tasbuilt's modular offices are built with the same structural components of a residential build and designed to be able to sustain the rigour of the process of being moved to different destinations if required.

In summary, a modular office is a temporary or permanent building that is built in a quality-endorsed facility and designed in a way that it can be relocated if required and constructed with any bespoke requirements.

Recent Project – Ridley Office

Tasbuilt completed a custom-designed modular office for the Ridley Feed Mill in Westbury. The business needed an office building to go alongside their factory, so they came to Tasbuilt. This worked well because Ridley had a tight time frame, high-quality standards and wanted minimal site impact. View the images below to see the completed project.

Dave Groves Photography Ridley 008
Dave Groves Photography Ridley 001
Dave Groves Photography Ridley 006
Dave Groves Photography Ridley 011
Dave Groves Photography Ridley 016
Dave Groves Photography Ridley 013
Dave Groves Photography Ridley 009


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