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Stop for Safety Day

The Tasbuilt team came to a stop for a day, to learn about the importance of safety!

Safety is an important aspect of every workplace, and if it’s not followed and managed properly, it can have a big impact on the business, and more importantly, people’s lives. In every workplace, many hazards threaten each individual’s safety, and that’s why, on Friday, we brought the whole Tasbuilt team together to learn about safety and its importance.

We kicked the day off with a bang and listened to a speech from Todd Russell, one of the three workers that got trapped inside the Beaconsfield mine for 14 days, in 2006. This was an outstanding speech from an incredible man and went into detail about just how grueling the 14 days inside the mine were, highlighting sadly that one of that team paid the ultimate sacrifice that day. Todd pressed home the danger of complacency in safety practices within our workplaces, and we all took away many insights practically and personally from this inspirational speech, thank you, Todd!

Safety demonstrations then took place, to teach people how to deal with some of the common hazards. These included how to use fire extinguishers and a spill kit and a safety quiz.

Of course, to keep the team happy and well-fed, an array of delicious food was enjoyed throughout the day.

We hope that everyone involved found the day educational and that there are some things that they can implement to make themselves, and their immediate environments safer in their day-to-day work. We would also like to thank the fantastic team at Link Resources for making this day possible, it was fantastic to work with them.

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