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Supporting The Cancer Council’s March Charge - A Personal Message from Our Managing Director

We’re doing our bit this month for cancer, we’d love your support!

The March Charge

This year’s March Charge holds a very dear place in my heart as my mother-in-law (aged 83) is currently undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma. After 18 months of slowly deteriorating in her health she was finally diagnosed with the cancer.

Her first sign of illness was after a Covid vaccine. She developed blotchy red patches all over and was bleeding from various parts of her body. It was quickly discovered her platelet level was down to 1. It should be over 200.

From there she developed a terrible cough that doctor’s thought was asthma, allergy, etc. etc. As if that wasn’t enough along came a most terrible itch all over her body.

Finally, just before Christmas 2022, she became so unwell, that my father-in-law took her to the local hospital and from there she was admitted to the LGH where after many many tests, the conclusion was lymphoma. Still not knowing the exact one, they gave her 1 dose of chemo and sent her home.

She is now in the process of regular chemotherapy infusions, and very unwell.

Michael Cunningham

Lets give this a go to help tell cancer where to go!

I’m proud of my staff and the great team culture we’ve developed that has lead to 12 of us supporting this great initiative - together we can make a difference!

You can sponsor our team by clicking on the link below – your support is appreciated with heartfelt thanks!


Cancer Council The March Charge


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