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Cradle Mountain Discovery Parks Holiday Park Case Study

A study on the recently completed high-end holiday cabins for the Discovery Parks Cradle Mountain Holiday Park

Discovery Parks Case Study 9


Tasbuilt Commercial has been privileged to work with the Discovery Parks group to design and construct multiple premium accommodation cabins for the famous tourist location of Cradle Mountain. After first making contact in 2017, it was a fantastic project for both parties, and has resulted in a fantastic outcome. Discovery Parks Group realised the need for upgraded and higher end accommodation cabins, considering the high-class tourist attraction.

Tasbuilt Commercial specialises in prebuilt, modular buildings for many industries in Tasmania. These include modular classrooms, modular offices and admin buildings, sporting facilities and changerooms, ablution and amenity blocks, and of course, accommodation and cabin parks.

The Problem

The Discovery Parks Group recognised that there was a significant shortage of quality, comfortable cabins in Tasmania, and particularly at the world-famous popular location of Cradle Mountain. Having quality cabins for this particular site was important for Cradle Mountain to keep up a good reputation, and offer it’s visitors the best accommodation possible.

Whilst there was already accommodation at Cradle Mountain, these were lagging behind in terms of quality, especially considering how highly rated the Cradle Mountain tourist attraction was considered. The Discovery Parks Group reached out to Tasbuilt Commercial to provide them with the ultimate quality solution.

The largest owner and operator of lifestyle holiday parks in Australia, the Discovery Parks group was launched in December 2004, and are committed to providing the most outstanding holiday parks around Australia. Discovery Parks has over 85 parks around Australia, providing quality accommodation right across the country. The key problem that the Discovery Parks group faced was that there was a lack of good quality cabins in Tasmania, particularly at the well-known Cradle Mountain site. The lack of quality facilities was increasing the possibility of a lowered reputation for the Cradle Mountain tourist attraction. To maintain a high reputation, and offer quality experience, the accommodation facilities needed to be upgraded.

The Solution

The Discovery Parks group identified Tasbuilt Commercial as a potential problem-solver, and Tasbuilt Commercial was more than happy to work with the group to design the ultimate solution. The solution agreed upon was a 3-stage project, providing high-end, quality accommodation units and facilities. This would provide the popular Tasmanian location and the Discovery Parks group with attractive accommodation cabins for visitors to stay in. By choosing Tasbuilt Commercial, the buildings arrived at Cradle Mountain 80% complete, significantly reducing the disruption to the day-to-day operations at the Cradle Mountain site.

Tasbuilt Commercial worked with the group to design 1 kitchen building and 1 amenity block, 20 deluxe cabins, and 11 boardwalk cabins, which gave a total of 33 new cabins.

The 20 deluxe cabins included 2 bedrooms, able to fit a total of 4 people, a full-size kitchen, and living and dining area. The 11 boardwalk cabins, able to fit 2 people, included their own kitchen, luxury bathroom, small study space, and a room combining the bedroom, and living spaces. Each boardwalk cabin was interconnected by one large boardwalk.

The Outcome

The end result of this fantastic project was a total of 31 high-end accommodation cabins, 1 kitchen building and 1 amenity block for the Discovery Parks group at Cradle Mountain. These cabins have provided the Discovery Parks group with more quality options for their customers, and a much needed upgrade for the Cradle Mountain site.

We hope that these cabins will serve its users well for many years to come, and we look forward to seeing where the Discovery Parks group goes in the future.


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