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Does Modular work for Schools?

Curious as to whether the modular construction works for schools? Read on to find out...

School building

So, does modular work for schools?

Yes, modular does work for schools!

Modular construction for schools is very similar to the traditional method of construction, but just far better in efficiency and quality. So how does modular work for schools? Whether you’re doing an extension or a whole new building, you’ll begin with planning and designing your new build. Once all is finalised and approved, the construction then starts in the Tasbuilt Commercial factory.

Taking only around six to eight weeks in the factory, the build is completed to 80%, meaning that when it’s transported to your school site, there’s only a very small amount of work to be completed to get the build to completion and ready for use.

The advantage of choosing modular is that, due to the majority of the construction being done off-site in our factory means that there is very little disruption to the day-to-day operations of your school. By choosing Tasbuilt Commercial, it also means that you can relax as we can manage all aspects of your project, from design and council approvals to connecting services onsite and furniture fit-out.

Tasbuilt Commercial has constructed many quality modular classrooms and educational facilities for many schools across Tasmania. Each project we do is custom designed to suit the existing school infrastructure, buildings and layout, and to ensure that it best supports the needs of its users.

By choosing modular and building your new project off site, we can ensure maximum quality building, and minimal disruption to the operations and activities of your school.

View some of our school projects below:

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