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Enseam Cladding Trends

3 reasons why we love the new trend of Enseam cladding

In the world of cladding, there are ever-evolving new cladding types and trends coming out, and it’s hard to keep up with them all. One trend that we’ve noticed and loved and that we think you’ll love, is Enseam cladding.

Cladding is the thing that gives your building's exterior feature and life, so it’s important to know exactly what look you are going for – so maybe the Enseam cladding trend could be the one for you. Some of our recent valued customers have tried out the Enseam cladding for their new builds, and it looks stunning.

So, what exactly is Enseam cladding? A versatile and contemporary cladding, it is a type of cladding that has broad flat pans, and a substantial rib combine, which form a clean, striking look. The reasons we love Enseam cladding and why our valued clients love it are…

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The unique form of Enseam cladding, being flat pans and substantial ridges, gives it an advantage in applying the cladding. The exact design of the cladding makes it significantly simpler and faster to apply to a building than other cladding types. Due to its easy application, it is perfect for time-savings. In the world of modular construction, where simplicity and speed are required, Enseam cladding is the perfect solution.


The Enseam cladding features clean vertical lines which, when wrapped around the exterior of the building, make for a contemporary, attractive building, which is sure to please the eye. If you’re looking to create a bit more interest by pairing two different cladding types together, Enseam cladding is always a perfect option, as it works so well with so many different cladding types. As seen here, a valued client of ours chose to do this, and the result is amazing.


While we have used Enseam cladding only in the darker colours, which we love, this product can be purchased in a wide variety of colours. No matter what colour scheme or style you’re running with, we’re sure you’ll find a colour that suits your desired look. The options available and its ideal design and application make it a versatile option for every building.

So, are you considering Enseam cladding for your new building? It’s sure an ideal option that’s moving at a rapid pace in the construction industry, so from the Tasbuilt team’s experience, we’d say go with Enseam.

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