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Introducing...the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary build

A fantastic project for a fantastic cause - the extension of the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary facilities!

Tasbuilt Commercial is honoured to be the builder of choice for the extension of the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Providing them with an extension that is six times larger than their current facilities, it’s a very exciting project that is about to start.

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Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is a unique social enterprise that exists to enable positive outcomes for wildlife. They empower, educate and inspire the community to connect and care for wildlife, their habitats and the environment. They operate a positive impact tourism business which services guests from all over the world and pre-covid, more than 110,000 visitors were able to hear of their unique message about wildlife rehabilitation and the impact their human footprint can have on our Tasmanian wildlife.

They offer a wildlife primary care team which includes a 24/7/365 wildlife rescue service, wildlife critical care, wildlife rehabilitation care and dedicated veterinary services for wildlife. In addition, they are a sanctuary offering care as a forever home for wildlife that can’t live safely in their natural environment and need a safe space to live out their lives.

Their 24/7/365 days wildlife rescue service received over 17,000 calls for animals in need across Tasmania in 2023. The hardworking phone rescue staff coordinate a dedicated team of more than 1500 community volunteers to help respond to these calls. Wildlife may be directed to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary for further care and assessment or to a local vet or to a local wildlife rehabilitator.

Every year, the number of calls to the rescue line increases by about 1000-1500. Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary recognises that they need to plan for scaling up. Our new wildlife hospital brings all our wildlife treatment and triage services together under one roof and offers us capacity to respond to this growing need.

Bonorong offers free online wildlife rescue courses every few months so check their website for more info at For their wildlife rescue service, call 0447 264 625.

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Keep an eye out for further updates of this fantastic project as it progresses!


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