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Just Completed! Orford Site Hub

Another project has just been empowered with Tasbuilt Hire!

Orford Site Hub 1

Tasbuilt Hire has just completed a fantastic construction and set up of a site hub in the buzzing town of Orford. The clients needed this site hub as a place to base their operations from, and Tasbuilt Hire was able to provide them with the perfect solution that has proved very useful for the clients.

This site hub consisted of two 12m x 3m site offices, one 12m x 3m crib room, and one 6m x 3m male and female ablution block. The units were all positioned in a specific way and finished off with a roof, to create the most effective site set up possible.

The two 12m x 3m site offices were completed with desks and chairs to provide the clients with fully set up offices. This saved the clients having to source their own office furniture and set it up. These offices have provided the clients with a place to work and get their operations in order. This is guaranteed to ensure an organised and efficient project.

The 12m x 3m crib room was completed with a compact but sufficient kitchen. Including a sink, fridge, table and chairs, it’s being built to provide the perfect place for the workers to wind down and refuel in. Opening out into the under cover area, it’s been located in such a position to provide a quiet and reserved area.

The 6m x 3m ablution block has been designed to cleverly combine the male and female toilets in the one unit. With separate accesses and sturdy stairs, this ablution block has been designed to cater for everyone. Positioned behind the rest of the units, this is to ensure privacy and comfort for everyone in the area.

It’s fantastic to see this quality site hub completed and being put to good use. It’s acting as the ultimate place to organise and energise the operations of the project, and we can’t wait to see the final result of the project, and how this site hub has empowered operations.

Orford Site Hub 4
Orford Site Hub 5
Orford Site Hub 8
Orford Site Hub 7


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