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Maximising Space Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Space efficiency in a commercial building… an often overlooked but very key factor to having a productive and efficient business.

So, you're probably wondering, what exactly is space efficiency? Space efficiency can be defined as planning your space in a way that eliminates wasted space, while also finding ways to make the best use possible of usable space. In a nutshell, this means making sure as much space as possible is being put to good use, and the space that is being used is being used in the best possible way.

And why should you have space efficiency in your commercial building? Having space efficiency means that you're getting the best use out of your building, and also ensures that it caters to the needs of your staff in the best way possible. So, to help you out, we've listed a few ways that you can maximise space efficiency in your commercial building:

1. Make Use of Difficult Spaces

Many buildings have tricky little nooks and crannies that aren't the easiest spaces to make use of. Chances are that you've got some empty space underneath the stairs that you don't know what to do with, or an empty corner somewhere. These kinds of areas are the perfect storage spaces. Be it bookshelves, cupboards, shelving, or whatever you like, these can be the perfect areas to create more storage for your business.

2. Flexible Work Areas

Does your commercial building require multiple different working environments, which create an efficient use of space? Facilitating these can be difficult, but the ideal solution to this can be to create multifunctional spaces. For example, having a small group of motorised desks can act as a meeting table… a stand-up desk… a collaboration zone… whatever you need. Creating multipurpose spaces could give you more efficient use of space by saving you the need to create many individual spaces.

3. Vertical Solutions

Not everything has to stay at ground level, so why not go up? If you've got empty wall space in your building, fill it out with overhead cupboards, open shelving, or whatever you like, and create a new storage solution. Or for something different, install a whiteboard for a unique collaboration option. This will give you more room for what you really need on the ground.

These three tips could prove very beneficial to your commercial building. So why not implement these today? Or if you are looking for a complete refresh, come to Tasbuilt Commercial today, and we'll get the ball rolling for your commercial building.


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